1. The meaning of photography is: “painting with light.” Use light to support you.

2. Continuously underexpose by 2/3rds of a stop when shooting in expansive light.

3. The standard of thirds works 99% of the time.

4. Continuously shoot in RAW. Continuously.

5. Prime lenses help you figure out how to be a superior picture taker.

6. Figure out how to peruse a histogram.

7. It is constantly preferred to underexpose over overexpose.

8. 50mm is the best “street photography” focal length.

9. Available light is the best light.

10. Grain is wonderful.

11. Never quit taking photographs

12. Never store your photographic knowledge, offer it to the world.

13. Never erase any of your photographs.

14. Never let photography hinder appreciating life.

15. Never take photographs on a vacant stomach.

16. Try not to look suspicious when taking photographs, mix in with the scene.

17. Try not to be hesitant to take photographs in the downpour.

18. Try not to be reluctant to knock up your ISO when fundamental.

19. Try not to take your DSLR to gatherings.

20. Try not to be reluctant to take a few photographs of the same scene at distinctive exposures, edges, or gaps.

21. Try not to spoil your cam.

22. You can’t “Photoshop” awful pictures into great ones.

23. You will locate the best photograph opportunities at all imaginable circumstances.

24. You don’t have to take a photograph of everything.

25. You don’t have to carry a tripod with you everywhere.

26. Be unique in your photography. Try not to attempt to duplicate the style of others.

27. Think before you shoot.

28. Effortlessness is key.

29. Shoot with certainty.

30. Carry a cam with you everywhere.

31. The more photographs you take, the better you get.

32. Taking photographs of outsiders is exciting.

33. Candid > Posed.

34. Giggling brings out people’s actual character in a photo.

35. Have a ton of fun while taking photographs.

36. Be a piece of a scene while taking a photograph; not a voyeur.

37. Get closer to your subjects when taking your photographs, they regularly turn out better.

38. Figure out how to appreciate the occasion, instead of steadily attempting to catch the ideal picture of it.

39. Try to click at the opportune moment.

40. Draw motivation from different photographic artists .

41. Go outside & shoot photographs instead of putting in hours a day on photography discussions.

42. Catch the magnificence in the ordinary and you have a triumphant photo.

43. The more apparatus you bear with you the less you will appreciate photography.

44. Better lenses don’t issue you better photographs.

45. There is no “enchantment” cam or lens.

46. Simply in light of the fact that somebody has a lavish cam doesn’t imply that they’re a decent picture taker.

47. Making your photographs b/w doesn’t naturally make them “dilettantish”

48. Print your photographs to large poster size. They will make you cheerful.

49. Costco prints are modest and look extraordinary.

50. Join a photograph club or begin one for yourself.

51. Join an online photography gathering.

52. Photography isn’t an interest, its a way of life.

53. Travel and photography are the ideal pair.

54. Liquor and photography don’t blend well.

55. Photography is more than just taking photographs, it is a rationality of life

56. Photography and juxtaposition are closest companions.

57. You will find a great deal about yourself through your photography.

58. A loud photograph is superior to a hazy one.

59. Photographs are constantly all the more intriguing with the human component included.

60. Photographs make incredible presents.

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